Set Explicit Permissions and Remove Owner Group on a Folder

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Our company has not used SharePoint until now I'm looking to set up a small site where some users can upload documents. The issue I'm having is that I have global administrative access to the site and I want to be able to remove myself (Owners Group) from the set of permissions. For example, under Documents I create a Finance folder that I only want two users to have access to. I can add the users but I can't seem to remove Owners group to remove my permissions even if I give them Full Control. When I look at the permissions I only see the users I added and not the Owners group, but I'm still able to open the folder and view documents that another user created. Is there a way to remove the Owners Group and assign permissions in the way I'm describing? 

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Hello @michaelkeefe 


i think, you are a SharePoint site collection administrator:


This kind of admin will not appear in the "site permissions", it's a higher level admin. You can found it in your SharePoint Admin Center or unter Site Permissions > Advanced Permission Settings > Site Collection Admin.


Regards, Dave