server communications with outside devices

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Just set up an online restaurant shopping cart on a windows 2012 server. It is using a cLOUD print device, TPS650ii printer using an HI01/02X interface, communicates with the cart via its server URL. We have been trying to troubleshoot an issue for weeks. PHP was used to provide the necessary instructions to the printer regarding print jobs. The device is communicating with the server, but not working. Star Micronics has configured firmware on their end to log events when testing the printer. The following is all that is logged:
SMLog!: cloudPRNT: initialised CURL (POST)
SMLog!: cloudPRNT: initialised CURL (GET)
Error!: cloudPRNT: Server poll response exceeds the maximum allowed size 1024bytes

If anyone has any ideas as to what may be causing our issue on a windows 2012 server, that would great.

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