Separate first and last name from a field.

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Hello everyone,


I have one column called FullName, so I'm need to separate the first and last names into separate columns. How can I do that in SharePoint?


Thank you in advance.

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@ADumith you won't be able to do this just in SharePoint, you'll need to use a flow in Power Automate to do this with a couple of split expressions.


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Hello @RobElliot ,
I am sorry to contradict you, but it is possible.
Here are the formulas for those who need them.

First Name
LEFT(FullName,FIND(" ",FullName)-1)

Last Name
RIGHT(FullName,LEN(FullName)-FIND(" ",FullName))

I hope it is helpful.

Have a good one,

@ADumith yes you're quite right, my mistake.


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