Send an email to the owners of newly created sites/groups and teams

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Hi all,


Does anyone know if it is possible to create an email template that automatically goes out to owners that have just created their own SharePoint site or Microsoft Teams team?


We're finding benefit in creating SharePoint sites and Teams on behalf of users as we are able to speak with the owners beforehand, give them guidance and offer training.  However, we are also thinking of turning on the ability for users to create their own.


We would be more confident in enabling this ability if we could send them an automatic follow-up email, providing them links to Microsoft help pages as well as offer training schedule and contact numbers for assistance.


Any guidance would be appreciated!  We're using SharePoint online.




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Hi @Andrew Silcock,


I wonder if site designs would work? 


Customize the default site design and call a Flow to send the message. 


I hope this helps.



Thanks, Norm, That looks like it will work but site designs is a pretty complicated process.

I was hoping for a Flow trigger when a new SP site is created or O365 group is connected, but that is not available currently.

I'm also interested in this functionality - I'd like to send our owners an overview of how to manage Teams/Groups/SharePoint sites whenever they create a new one.