Self service site creation: Custom processing of new sites to set permissions, theme, etc




We'd like to create self service site, in which (admin) users can generate sites. The sites will have to be processed with custom script, so that we can set the required permissions, design, ensure that the page name is valid, create links and so forth. 

I'm thinking that one solution would be to create a form on one of our (self service) pages, and using Microsoft Flow or something for executing the necessary scripts and soft forth for creating the new site. 


Are there any (free) tools out there that we can leverage, instead of having to create all of this ourselves?


I'm thinking I might reach our to Brock University ( as they seem to have a quite nice solution for this, but if there are other (free) alternatives out there I could compare them and see which one fits our need the most. 


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@kenneho There are atleast two free options I can think of. The PnP Site Provisioning framework is the top choice. But, if you want something more 'custom' you can always create custom sites using PowerShell. You will be able to tweak the smallest of details based on user inputs. You can create a webhook with just a few clicks if you decide to host it as an Azure Automation script and tie it to your Flow workflow for variables.


Thanks, @mrehmat, I'll look into these suggestions.