Select All button for mulitselect listbox( datasource another list)

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Hi All,

I am using infopath 2013.I have 2 columns both mulitselect checkboxes.Column1 - Type ( data source list type)Column 2 - Category ( data source list Category)When the user selects multiple Type in column 1, I query the category list with that data and display the result( this works).Now I want either the displayed result in column2 pre selected , as its a checkbox( but from data source so setting it true doesnt work)Or I want a select all option where all the items in column 2 will be selected.I have tried rules and javascript nothing worked.With javascript it gets selected but once the function is over the check box restores its previous state and unchecks.I really appreciate any help or pointers in the right direction, maybe I am missing something.Thanks

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