'See all' news web part limitation

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How we can we add filter on 'see all' news.aspx on SPO modern site? Users will need a filter system find the news by year, category and keyword? 



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@tsaweb Currently there is no SharePoint OOTB way available to edit the news.aspx page in SharePoint to customize the look & feel or OR to add filters on the page.


You might want to create a support ticket with Microsoft or submit the new idea/feedback on SharePoint feedback portal.

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We ended up having to create a "new" See All page - with filters and such using the highlighted content web part. Seems to work for now and can take care of year, category, publish date, etc.
Thank you for your suggestion. Is possible to see your website?
I am very curious and need to know how you did this part.
Could you guide me a bit?
Thank you very much