Section does not go full width of page


I created a Modern site and when I add a Document Library web part to a one-third column. The web part is extremely narrow. It's not even wide enough to show the complete document names. How can I get this section to expand to the full page width?


The red square below shows the wasted white space that I would like my document library to expand into. 



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Hi @michaelkubala - if you want the library to be full width, you could add another section below the 2/3 + 1/3 section to be full width and drag the library there. On Modern Pages, there does feel like too much white space on either side of the web parts. No idea what the thinking is behind that.

@Kelly_Edinger  yeah at least with the old SharePoint environments you could get around limitations with CSS or JavaScript hacks. I don't think those old tricks work with SPO modern pages. 

They don't! @michaelkubala as much as I appreciate the modern interface, I do miss how easy it was to add some script to a page :)