Searching on a modern page with a text web-part

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I am using search and cannot seem to get the contents of a text web-part to appear in the search results. I have a number of modern pages in a Communications site that have text contained that I would like to appear in the search results. Any ideas as to how this can be accomplished?


Thanks, Scott

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Hello @Scott Giesbrecht 

You can manually request crawling and re-indexing of a site.

Please find this link and try again after 24 hours:




@Alireza Rahimifarid , thanks for the tip, but unfortunately that does not work as well. I initiated the re-index of the site late last week thinking that the content was too fresh to be picked up. The text contained within the 'text web-part' on the modern page (.aspx) does not appear in the results of the search. Other documents and list items that have been added around the same time (or later) appear in the search results, so search is working on them.

Did you ever resolve this, I'm seeing the same thing after recrawl and 48 hours