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Hello Community. 

We're having a search issue on our SharePoint site.

We got a list och projects and then a document library for each one of those projects. So, 5 projects = 5 document libraries.

In the document libraries there is a required Meta-Data column.


The problem is that when i use the new search experience it wont some of the files. 

I've tried to upload different kind of files like word, excel, powerpoint, pdf and a folder and when i did it is searchable.

I have also tried to re-index the site and the document library but that didn't help.


Could there be a coincidence about uploading many files, like 200+ that makes them unsearchable?

What do you think?

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I have not come across cases where documents are not indexed because they are uploaded in sets.
Is there anything special about the documents that are not indexed? e.g. they use encryption, very large Excel files, ...
Any duplicate files? i.e. is the same file present in 2 or more locations?
I presume you have permissions to view the files? (just double checking)

Hi @Paul de Jong,

The document libraries are created by a PowerShell script. Then there are some template files that are created during the automation together with some folders.

From what we can see, it is the files that are mass-uploaded that there is a non coincidence in what is searchable. 

It is various type of files. PDF, NC1, DXF,DWG, ZIP

Most files are around 0-1000 KB in size.

About the file formats "PDF, NC1, DXF,DWG, ZIP". This requires further analysis.
I expect that Microsoft Search will only index the filenames for the nc1, dxf and dwg files. The contents will not be searchable. Can you test this?
The files within the zip files should be indexed (if the zip file does not use encryption). However, the indexer cannot index certain file formats such as dwg.
PDF: these files should be indexed. Do the pdf files use encryption or only contain an image? The latter may happen when a document is scanned to pdf format and there is no OCR step involved.
I would test the configuration of the libraries itself by adding a simple Office file. The indexing should not take more than a few minutes.

@Paul de Jong 

You are right, so when i add a simple word,excel or pp file it is no problem. But the names of the other files are not indexed :(