Search within "Group By" filters not showing correct records

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I seem to be having an issue with one of my SP lists (not sure if this issue is replicated in others). Our default view is a Group By view where I am grouping with a Yes/No column, so I have a group for Yes and a group for No.


When I attempt a keyword search, it will sometimes show me the correct number of records "No (15)" but then switch to "No (31)" and when expanding the group it shows me all records of that group without being filtered by the keyword search. Expanding the group and selecting "Show All" will show the correct records. This is a workaround for when results are only in one of the groups, but when records may be in both groups, you can't view them at the same time.

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Per a user they were able to search in group by view without a problem until recently. So, "something" has changed. Their default view is group by because it is user-friendly. Telling users to expand all the groups or to go to another view without grouping is cumbersome, so hopefully this can be resolved. Search operators do not help in the group by view. While typing in the keyword the results returned below the search box are correct in both views (see attached).

Same problem when I tested several lists and libraries.  None are over the threshold.  All are on SharePoint Online.