Search with managed property not showing all results.

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Hi all

I have a site collection where I have enabled a site column called Content-Tags.  I created a managed property, Refinablestring10 with the alias, ContentTags.  


I want to do a search in the search bar that will show me all the library items that have the tag "Carbon" in the content-tags column.  


I type in:  contenttags:carbon into the search bar.


My problem is that I only get one result when I should get 4.  (there are four items with Carbon in the Content-tags column)


Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong in this search?


Thanks  :)

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Hi @Mel_C13 

It seems like you're almost there, but there might be a small issue with your search query. To ensure you get all the relevant results from the managed property Content Tag try the following steps:

  1. Wait for the search crawl to complete: If you've recently created the managed property or added the tags to the content, it might take some time for the search crawl to index the content and make it available for searching. So, first, ensure that the crawl has completed.

  2. Check managed property mapping: Make sure that you have correctly mapped the crawled property to the managed property. In this case, ensure that the "Content-Tags" site column is mapped to the "Refinablestring10" managed property.

  3. Use the correct format in the search query: When searching for a managed property, you should use the syntax "managedproperty:value" without any spaces between the colon and the value.

In your case, the correct search query should be:




Make sure there are no spaces between "Content Tags:" and "Carbon."

  1. Verify the tag values: Double-check that the four items indeed have the tag "Carbon" in the "Content-Tags" column.

  2. Test the query in the search center: If you have a search center, you can try the same search query there to see if it returns the expected results. Sometimes, the search bar on the site might have specific settings or customizations that affect the search behavior.

By following these steps, you should be able to get all four items that have the tag "Carbon" in the "Content-Tags" column. If you still encounter issues, you may need to review your managed property settings and content tagging to ensure everything is set up correctly.


Thanks Lalit for that info. I am still encountering issues so I will go check the managed properties again.