Search Web Parts not showing up in SharePoint Online page

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I have a web part page in a SharePoint Online page library. When I edit the page & click add a web part, every category is showing up EXCEPT the one I need, which is the Search web parts. This includes the Refinement & Results web parts. Any ideas what I need to change to get these to show up? Thanks in advance!

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@LauraM440 Unfortunately, search web parts are not available in Modern SharePoint pages. If you are comfortable using custom web parts check out PnP search web parts

@Bharath Arja it is not a modern page, it is the old schools web part page. I can see every other category of web part & have successfully added the search web parts in other SPO environments, I just can't figure out what setting is interfering with showing the search web parts.

@LauraM440 ah.. got it. Disabled custom scripts at root site collection can be a possible reason. Give it a read

@Bharath Arja thanks - I've got both of those set to Allow as well, still no dice. Any other ideas? 

Not exactly an answer to your question, but I'd suggest looking at the new updates to the Modern Search which now includes custom verticals and filters/refiners using managed properties, etc. I'd definitely suggest trying to go with Modern search as much as possible as you'll ensure you get all the newest features and users get a common search experience across the environment. See Bill Bär's latest post with some details.

@Bharath Arja  Thanks !! worked for me.