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I created a new list with 2 columns.   Using the list search box, it only finds items under TITLE column, anytime I try to search something from the other column, it returns 0.


Is there a way I can make any columns searchable?


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All columns should be searchable by default. Please check the list settings and also activate the indexing through advanced settings.


Give it up to 24h to show new columns in the search bar. 

Yeah. Give it some time. The first index will take awhile to index and pick up the new columns. Subsequent updates will be quicker.
Correct, but he needs to create also managed properties in the Search Schema to be able to search by column content
Explicitly for a column yes. But using standard list search bar should return results based on other columns. Like if you had a single line of text 2nd column with “Juan” in it and they search Juan on the bar it’ll return that item. A bit different.

@ArefHalmstrand @Chris Webb 
Its been few days and still can't find any from other columns. I also indexed both columns before posting my initial question



@Tamras1972 I am curious to why there is a search bar on your command bar. If you look at the suite bar, you should see the SharePoint modern search bar. The search bar should have predefined text "Search this library". Try searching for your content there.

Its a list and its the only search bar I see.


Hi @Tamras1972 how you get this search box in the ribbon of the list? I don't have it in my list ribbon bar.