Search result displays folders and their content nto folders only

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Hi there,


I have created a flow which re-names files in SharePoint folders overnight. The flow works fine btu the issue is that when a user searches in SharePoint for a folder, the contents of that folder are also displayed. I have searched online and found out that when adding "isDocument=0" to the search, only the folder is listed in the search result ( as per screenshots). Is there a way of making this default ? or any other solution pls ?


P.S. In the example screenshots below I search for folder 100747 and the contents of the folder are also listed in the results (screenshot 1). Then I perform the same search and add "isDocument=0" after the folder name, and only the folder comes up in the results. 100747.png100747_1.png

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Hello @bui_007 


you can not change the search suggestions in the Microsoft Search bar. Here are a documentation with all existing settings for the Microsoft Search box:


Als alternative you can create your own vertical with the query isdocument=0.


Best, Dave

@David Mehr  Hi David, Thanks for your reply. My difficulty is that sharepoint search was working as explained in my original post and now it`s not, hence usera are finding it difficult to search for Files and Folders.  I also tried to do re-indexing but still the same. I think there must be a way of making Sharepoint search as I described in the original post ?

Hello @bui_007 


are the documents checked-in and published? Users only find documents to which they are authorized.


Best, Dave

@bui_007 , we are having this same issue.  The search function was just returning the folder name, and now it has the folder and all of it's contents as separate items. It has to have been an update - but it is annoying as finding folders takes longer now.