Search on a Site column does not return results

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Hi Community, 


We are on O365 and have a search/ index issue or perhaps it just is not possible?

My goal: find values in (classic) search site that are entered in Site Columns (single line of text)


- We use a content type hub, the site columns are created here and inserted in a content type

- The site columns are single line of text

- The site columns/crawled properties (ows_columnname)  are mapped to existing refinablestring00, refinablestring01 etc. I have not created managed properties but used the existing ones. Mapping has been done in the SP admin portal (I have the SP admin role)

- crawled properties have checked the option "include in full text index"

- Have created a site, content types are distributed to the sites

- Have uploaded test content (Word/ PDF files) and filled the site columns with values

- In the search site: added the site columns as refinement property

- When searching on the test file name I can find the files 

- When searching on values that exist in the columns I find nothing

- When searching specific on the site column names I find the values ("refinablestring08: chili" for example finds the document)

- I have re-indexed the library, the same with the site to be sure.

- We use a default search site, no extra search scopes are created

- It is a new O365 environment, until now we just have two sites in use.


I do not understand why I can't find results if I search on values in the columns but if I search specific on the columnname I can find the values.


Do you have a suggestion if I am doing something wrong? At this point I do not know how to solve this? Only thing I am thinking if a column of the type single linke of text is the way to use?


Thank you for your help!


Kind regards,



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Did you ever find a resolution for this? I think we are having the same problems on a site. Thank you.
Hi Donna,

yes I did find a solution, in short: create a new managed property instead of using an existing one. I believe it was always advised to relate/ attach a crawled propery to an existing property but it only worked when the crawled property was attached to a new created managed property. It worked instantly.

In your scenario, keep in mind that the columns are Site Columns, they must exist as a site column in the site settings/ site columns section.

Hope this also works for you.

Kind regards,