Search Home Page of Communication Site


There are some Text and Quick Links Web Parts on the home page of communication sites,


When I search for a word that is written in those WebParts in the site top right search box, I don't find the home page. However, if I search on the SharePoint Home or on the Hub site search box, I can find the home page.


When I set another page as the home page, I can find the original home page when I search for a word from this page in the site search box. But cannot find the words in the new home page after some minutes.


It looks like the content of the home page is not findable using the site search box. Do you get the same behaviour? Why would it work this way? 

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We opened a ticket #14165902 with Microsoft. It's confirmed as a design behaviour that the content of the home page of Team or Communication sites is not searchable at the site level. A hotfix request is filed with the Engineering team and they will review it. There is no ETA.

About 20K employees refuse to out their content into sharepoint sites going to other toilets instead. Only because of this limitation. No use authoring a nice site if you can't search for the content. It's been over a year on this thread. Longer on uservoice. Taking the time to reply back to let folks know that this still does not work. No hotfix was rolled out.

@Vishal Seth this issue is only about not returning the home page of a site when you stand on that homepage and search. If you're already on the page the issue is not that large - but agree that returning the home page would still be nice.

@Mikael Svenson not quite.


Although the home of a site is likely the page that a user kicks off a search for content on that site - thats not the only place from where searching is a problem.


Content on a SharePoint communication site homepage is not searchable from any site or searchbox on SharePoint. Searching for a piece of text on the homepage won't return the site, if the content is on the home.


e.g. Try searching for any content on a communication site homepage like the text headings in a Hero web part; or the text in a quick links webpart - 2 very common parts on a home.



Just tested and I do get comm sites back. Content is dependent on the actual web part as well, such that it exposes data to be indexed. Got text from said web parts just fine from two tests.

The site was updated in February. Added text on another comm site as well, which got returned 5 minutes after.

@Mikael Svenson For me the issue is still the same.


If I search from another page of the same site, I cannot find the home page content (in Text WebPart).


But I know that the content is indexed because the same search from the SharePoint home page (_layouts/15/sharepoint.aspx) can find the home page.