Search funtion to find tags


Hi, I want to make a searchbar to search pages by tags in sharepoint list. In this list there is a multiple choice column with properties. Do you know how to do a search by one one these properties from this column ? 



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Hello @buszi99 


you can use Microsoft Search or PnP Modern Search Web Parts to search and filter items or documents. 


Here you can find an articel to configure verticals and custom filters in Microsoft Search:


And here to customize a search page and filters with PnP Modern Search Web Parts:


Hope this helps.


Regards, Dave

Is it built in web-part ? If it's not that might be a problem because client want's to use built in search bar

Hello @buszi99


Microsoft Search is the built in search on top:


PnP Modern Search Web Parts are additional, but free...and very useful. No modern search web parts available ootb...only in classic, but use modern, please ;)


Regards, Dave