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we have a lot of SharePoint library with custom column (choice column mostly), not metadata


We need to search all document with these value, for example TIMING


How can we achieve that?

In some site i'm able to do that!



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Hello @Saaam1165 


it doesn't matter what kind of column, but make sure that it is a site column or that the column is searchable.


Best, Dave

Hi, @Saaam1165  

we have a lot of SharePoint library with custom column (choice column mostly), not metadata.


The easiest way to achieve that will be through managed metadata. Metadata is information about the file you are storing in SharePoint. Certain metadata values are added by default (like date, author etc.). You can also add your custom metadata based on your needs. Timing in your case. 

Here is how you can add custom metadata to your SharePoint library 

Before You Begin 

There are two important things that you need to do. 

First, plan how you are going to use the metadata. You don’t want conflicts or unwanted information to be added to SharePoint libraries. 

Next, it is important to get yourself acquainted with the terminology that Microsoft uses for its metadata. 

Click here to know more. 

The Process 

You will need to use the Term Store Management Tool from SharePoint to edit metadata like Timing or anything else that you might want. 

Here are the steps that you should follow: 

STEP 1: Open the SharePoint admin center. 

STEP 2: In the left navigation, under Content services, choose Term store. 

If you need to edit the local taxonomy for a site, you can open the term store management tool from the site. To do that, you need to follow these additional steps: 

  1. For a site that you own, go to the Site Settings page. 
  2. Under Site Administration, select Term store management. 

STEP 3: Enter a name for your new Term group, and then press ENTER. 

STEP 4: To make changes to the Term group name and description, you need to select Edit next to the group name. The Edit name and description panel appears. Enter a description that explains the purpose of this term group to your users. Select Save. 

STEP 5: Next, you might want to edit the group managers or contributors. They can manage the term group and make edits to it. To add them, select Edit next to Group managers. The Edit admins panel appears. Enter the names or email addresses of the people you want to add, assign them to a role, and then click Save. 

If you want to copy the unique identifier for this term group, select Copy. 

STEP 6: Next, In the tree-view pane of SharePoint admin center, select the term set to which you want to add a term. (Timing in your case) 

STEP 7: Select Add term. 

STEP 8: Type a name for the term and press Enter. 

Please note, that you can update the term settings as needed: 

  1. On the General tab, you can add languages, translations, and synonyms, by clicking on ‘Add’. The Add translation and synonyms panel appears. Select your language, translation, description, and add synonyms. Select Save. 
  2. On the Usage settings tab, you can make the term available to the users and content editors of sites consuming this term set, by choosing Edit. The Available for tagging panel appears. By default, the term is enabled for tagging. To disable, deselect the Enable checkbox. Select Save. 
  3. On the Advanced tab, to use shared or local custom properties to store more data about term sets, select Edit. The Edit shared custom properties panel appears. Add property names and values. Select Save. 
we also have metadata but that's not the case.

I've different site with the same list template and search is working whithout any other settings.
I've just created the list, nothing else