Scheduling of pages or news has been deactivated

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We were so happy that the Scheduling of pages or news ( has been rolled out for targeted release. Today we recognized that it has been deactivated :sad: Will it be reactivated? 

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@Johannes Eichin Here is what it says in the message center:


Updated June 26, 2020: On Monday, June 29th, 2020 we will be temporarily rolling back the page scheduling feature to address an issue that prevents customers from correctly enabling scheduling in their sites. Due to this rollback, page scheduling will no longer be available in your tenant. Pages and news posts that have been scheduled will have to be manually published. Please inform site owners and content creators in your organization. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to starting rollout again once the issues have been addressed. There will be an announcement in the message center when we are ready to roll out page scheduling.

@Susan Hanley Thank you very much for making this issue clear. Will the bug-fix and roll-out be happen in July 2020?

The message center doesn't say when roll-out will begin again.