Scheduling new posts error

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Hi everyone, I am trying to use the new scheduling feature for my news posts on the intranet. 


I have followed the instructions provided by Microsoft and enabled scheduling for the list library but when I go into page details to turn scheduling on its just blank? there is no toggle. (pic attached) 


anyone have any ideas whats going on? 




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@Helen Cummings I think you first have to go to : Left Navigation - Site Content - site pages library . There you can find the several pages (every news post IS a page). 

Pls. click in the top menu bar of that Pages library on that button "Schedule". Then there is a window and are asked to activate the scheduling for this library. By clicking OK, each of your pages has also to be activated on that scheduling. 

So: pls. select one of your pages - click again on that upper button "Schedule". In the Details panel on the right you can activate now the scheduling for this selected page, activate a certain date and time. And there you are! So there are 2 steps to activate the scheduling: step 1 is the activation in the whole lbrary, step 2 is selecting a page and activate it by clicking once again the schedule button and defining the date &time details in that page details. Hope that helps! greets from Eva. 

Were you able to solve the problem? I am having the exact same problem, I can activate scheduling in the site contents but the property field on a news post is just empty

I'm having the same issue. I have scheduling enabled at the library level, but also have a blank field under scheduling. I have the issue on Chrome and Edge.