Saving SharePoint Item comments/conversations.

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I have a process where a list is used to validate totals between two entities. As part of the process, each Entity owner will leave a comment on the list item when they have completed their check and input their data. Each month, this list's items are saved to another "archive" list, and the original list is wiped clean. 


Is there any way to save these comments to the new list item in the archive? I am using power automate to facilitate the archival on a routine basis. It would be ideal to just re-create the comments in the archive list as they appear in the original list, but if I could at least access them and then save them to a "Comments" column, that would probably be sufficient. 

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@CamCov comments are not stored in a column in the list but in the list schema. This means you can't access them later and save them to a different archive list.


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Hi Rob, was able to figure it out. You can easily retrieve the comments on a list item with an http request, parsing the json that is returned, and then appending/formatting that all into one string.

@CamCov As per the SharePoint Online: All you need to know about Commenting in Lists , SharePoint list item comments are stored within the list schema itself and not with list items.


And you can get retrieve, add or delete SharePoint list items comments using the SharePoint REST APIs. You can use these API calls in the Power Automate flow using "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint" action.


Check these articles for more information:

  1. GET SharePoint list item comments using REST API 
  2. Add Comments on list item using SharePoint REST API 
  3. Delete Comments from list item using SharePoint REST API 

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