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I know that two weeks ago, I was able to go to a Document Library and use an icon and/or select "Save for Later" in a menu to indicate documents that would then show up if you went to OneDrive. This was a feature that was going to solve a huge amount of issues for end users who do not want to use SharePoint and continue to use network drives. 


However, that option has appeared to disappear across all of my SharePoint Online Sites. The only place I see a "save for later" is on pages from News Posts, which is not going to help. 


I've found posts about this feature  (, but I haven't seen anything about this feature being removed from use or something needing to be required to turn it on.


What's going on with Save for Later on documents in Document Libraries and how do I get this back ASAP? 

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The option should be there. Please, open a support ticket to report the issue

Hello @mhines did you ever raise a support ticket about this issue?


The saved for later icon isn't showing in our OneDrive or Document Libraries either and would like a solution.


Any information much appreciated.


@Sam Greatorex @mhines , we are seeing the same behavior - new feature released in 2019 no longer visible in document libraries or OneDrives. 


Going to open a ticket with Microsoft Support to see where this feature went.

@Fab_Franz The save for later on ODB/doc lib feature is no longer available. Save for later is still provided as part of pages/news. 




@Bryan Petersen Is this feature permanently gone? It's odd that the "Saved for later" web part still has options to retrieve documents that are set as "saved for later", but there's no way to set a document as "saved for later". This seems such a simple and useful feature to just remove it this way.

I just received word from Microsoft (through an official support ticket) that this indeed has gone away, and they are not intending to put it back.  EXTREMELY disappointed here.

The Saved for Later feature for documents only applies to the Mobile SharePoint App. That's why you still see the document selection as part of the Save for Later web part.

@Bryan Petersen Interesting. I have the iOS SharePoint app (and I also tried the iOS OneDrive app) and I can't seem to find the option in any files to "Save for Later" in the Document Libraries. The only place I can find that option is in the Recent Files list on the home screen within the app.


It does seem rather odd that there's only one obscure way to mark a document as Saved for Later, and it has to be done on a mobile app. I've seen plenty of screenshots of the option being available on the web (desktop) in the past, so I'm not sure why it was taken away. It would be a very useful feature when combined with the web part for allowing users to "bookmark" documents for themselves and find them easily in a web part on a Home Site.

@Benjamin Bennett it appears to be a function of OneDrive (I see the option in the mobile SharePoint app on my Android, but only for OneDrive files - not SharePoint files).  

I did notice that if you "pin" a document from desktop applications like word and excel from the recently opened area of "File" that it appears in this web part and the SharePoint default start page. But it's pretty hidden.

Has anyone heard of this feature potentially returning? We're running an effort to migrate from our legacy intranet to SharePoint. This is a feature of our legacy platform we'd like to retain.

@LanceGibson it would be nice, but I think unlikely. I escalated a ticket a few tiers up with Microsoft Support, and they do not have any items in their public or private roadmap to bring this back (this was 3/4 months ago).

This is so funny... Now in the new Office page in the quick access section, when you add an item as favorite (in the item menu) it will show in the "Save for later" web part. Oh, and this not the same thing as adding an item as favorite in Delve.... I think Microsoft should have "One" responsible to manage the concept of favorites, save for later, etc, etc... No suprise that user acceptance is a big challenge in M365...
I noticed the same at our sites. Looks like the favorites feature is the new "Save for later"