RSS Feed to limit to TOP 3 records in sharepoint webpart

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Dear all, would like to check is that any ways to limit the RSS feed information to only first few.

For example, i have connected RSS feed in my SharePoint web part as below:


Instead it pull out all, can we do something to limit only show top 3?

Kindly advise and help on this, thanks ya.




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The problem here is that you don't have any setting in the WebPart that allows you to indicate only to show the top 3. Take a look af the GitHub SPFx repository where you might find a RSS WebPart that could allow to apply the settings mentioned

@LEE_JIAN_HAO This is not possible using SharePoint default RSS feed web part as there are no settings to control the number of records returned in feed.


You can achieve this using custom RSS Reader web part developed using SPFx by community members. You can find this web part and more  details about it at: RSS Reader web part 



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