Routing access level request to different list owners


Hi SharePoint Users,

I have a site with 5 (say) different list having unique permissions. Each list is configured with a Owner and Members SP permission groups.

When a new user access the URL of any of the list, he is denied access and he could in turn request access. This request goes to the site owners group by default.

Is it possible to route the request to respective List Owners SP group.

I've tried options with Flow, but Flow currently don't have the capability to fetch the List owners.

I would ideally want to configure all the access request to a shared mailbox and based on the request URL, forward the request to different List owners group.

Haven't tried options with Powershell yet.

Any suggestions/help appreciated.





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@kevingeorget Hello Kevin, You can configure access requests setting without any code. This task can be accomplished by following the below steps:


To configure access request settings in SharePoint: (You need to have Full Control permissions to do this)

1. Navigate to Settings --> Site Settings

2. Click the "Site permissions" link under "Users and permissions" section
3. Now, from the ribbon, Click on “Access Request Settings” button. You'll be prompted with the access request Settings popup window.

4. Click on "Allow access request" option to enable access request and enter the E-mail address of the user/shared mailbox who will receive access requests from that site.


@kevingeorget Did you find an answer to this?


I have the same issue where certain libraries I want different people to own these and manage the access to them as these libraries are specific to their team and not to me as the overall site owner.

@motormellie Sorry, its been a while i'd worked on the requirement. as i remember, i didn't get a fix for this.

@kevingeorget I had a play about last night and my only solution was to create a subsite, which you can then create unique permission for on setup (doesn't inherit the main sites permissions).  This subsite will then house the libraries that require unique permissions and can be controlled specifically by that user/owner separately to the main site.