Role of "Title" Column in SharePoint Lists - Can't change column type?


When I start a new list in Sharepoint, I always get a "Title" column and I can't change the type from the default "Text" type. What is the role of the "Title" column? I'd like my first column to be a date column but can't seem to figure out how to make that happen.


Thanks for any help.

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It's a system column and the type cannot be changed

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Thank you. So how do most people deal with it? Ignore it?

@slohombre you can ignore it, rename it to something else where you want a single of text column, just not change the type as @Juan Carlos González Martín said.


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This is a default column in SharePoint lists which comes with the Item content type. You cannot change it's data type. As @RobElliott said, if you need any other text column in your list then you can rename Title column and use it for that.


You can change the order of columns in list view and list form to show the date column as first column.


Also, if you don't want this field in your list then you can hide it from list form as well as from list view.


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