Rogue document library w/ unique permission and no owner can access it; fixable?

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I made some sad mistakes on SharePoint. Now, there is one document library with unique permissions (stopped inheriting permissions) that no owner has full control permission to. The highest permission is edit. No one can access the library permission link under library setting. 


Is there anything we can do about it or do we have to make a new document library to replace this one?

Thank you!


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No need to replace the library. A Site collection administrator can add user can modify the library permissions and can add a user with owner.
You need to check for the user who having site collection administrator access. Normally SharePoint admin user have the access or a SharePoint admin user can add him/her self as site collection administrator to fix the similar issues.

sweet! my site was set up by my work's IT department so i would assume site collection admin is a person from IT?

Thank you for your help Adnan!

Hi @cassywork,

Yes they would the right person to help you out. I hope this will resolve your issue.


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