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Hi everybody,


I have a Teams team with my students. On this teams Sharepoint site I built a class homepage. I want to use this as a dashboard providing news, events and other information. This homepage is the teams start page.

But I have a problem with rights management. I want the students to only have read access to the class homepage. And I can accomplish this by setting the team members rights to read only in the website settings. But then students are no longer able to e.g. upload files to the Teams team. 

Which libraries do I have to set to read only to have reading rights on the class homepage but normal students rights in the team?


Thanks in advance

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The home page is in the library "Site Pages". You will need to modify the advanced settings on that page to un-inherit the permissions of the site.


Change the members and visitors of that page to read only. If there are other lists or pages you want to be read only also do that on them. 




@Andrew Hodges 

thank you very much for your quick answer. In the meanwhile I managed to get everything right. I was a little irritated by the fact that students can choose e.g. to add a news link. But now i realized that they are not able to post it. I also didn't have the events list set to read only. Now everything is working the way I want it too. Thank you for your help