Retrieve a sharepoint list ID and use it to submit a new microsft form

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Hello ^^

I have a Microsft flow saving a FORM1 fields in a sharepoint list A ( each form submitted will create automatically a SharePoint line( with a specific ID) in the list)). I am struggeling in retrieving this ID and use it to create another form FORM2 updating also the same sharepoint list .

As a temporary solution, I proposed to send an email notification  showing:

- the first feebadk received from FORM1 once submitted ( required)

-retrieving and showing the item ID on this email

- asking the user  to fullfill the FORM2( with a link to form2) by:

(1) entering the mentionned ID

(2) the 3 fields to be updated

and (3) submit .once FORM2 subimitted, a second flow will update the same sharepoint list item taking into account the mentioned ID.


the issue is: I cannot figure out how can I solve it without asking the user to manually enter the ID. Is it a feature in PRO Microsft flow?

I appreciate any help or comment.




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