Retirement of notifications functionality in all Office 365 web apps except Outlook MC219002

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Question: Is SharePoint Online alerts (text and emails) going away from the below post in Office 365 Message Center?


Retirement of notifications functionality in all Office 365 web apps except Outlook

MC219002, Plan For Change, Published date: Jul 22, 2020

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Major update: Announcement

Applies To: All

We will be retiring the Notifications feature from the Office 365 web applications. This includes email, calendar and system alert notifications that appear with the bell icon in the header of these apps. Some app-specific notifications will continue to exist in certain applications such as Outlook and Yammer.

Key Points:

Major: Retirement

Timing: August 24, 2020

Action: Review, assess and educate as appropriate

How this will affect your organization:

This will affect all users in your organization who use the Office 365 web applications such as, OneDrive and SharePoint. Users will still be able to access their email and calendar using the Outlook apps. System alert notifications such as for password expiration, will continue to be sent using email.

There are some web applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint where the notifications feature did not exist before. For these apps there will be no changes to the experience.

We will be making this change to all users at the same time on August 24, 2020

What you need to do to prepare:

We recommend that you inform your users of this change and update training and documentation as appropriate.


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If you create SharePoint alerts from list/library like "when new item is added" they will remain and continue to work. Microsoft will just stop using the "bell icon" on top right to inform user on some notification like new email, meeting is coming or password change.
bummer, wonder why they retired that. I was looking for a way to connect all alerts in one place