Retention policy via label - unable to delete content

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Configured the following label:


 (Note the tickbox for 'use label to classify content as a Record' is NOT ticked)


Published the label:


Applied the label to a document in the Documents library on a Group site:


 Getting an error when trying to delete the document ‘Document1.docx’


Support are telling me this is by design - yet if I apply a retention policy directly to the site (or tenant-wide), with the same retention settings - I am able to delete documents which have the policy applied.


I don't think the observed behaviour is correct - I think I should be able to delete an item with a retention policy applied via a label, and it should be captured in the preservation hold library.


Would anyone like to comment?

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Label configuration tooltipLabel configuration tooltip

Considering what the tooltip of the label configuration is saying, I would suppose you are right.




I have the same problem and i don't believe it is by design.

The message says "If the users modify or delete the content, we'll keep a copy if it in a secure location..."

Sounds like you should be able to delete the document and be copied to the Preservation Hold Library.

Or am i wrong?

I need to know how it works




@Rob Ellis That link to the uservoice is no longer available.

I have the same question as this behaviour does not make sense to me because -

1) without selecting "none" for the document, I cant delete the file.

2) If I select "none" and then delete the file, that means the file is deleted straight to the recycle bin and is not retained anywhere on the site. That means there is no retention in place. Or am I missing anything?

Anyone has more information on this ?

I think now we can delete files. BUT not folders