Retention Policies set to delete files not working in SharePoint on new E3 trial tenant

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I spun up an O365 E3 trial to do testing for a customer. I have created a few Retention policies (not labels) - the one that should be the most simple is not working at all:


  • Delete after 2 days, based on last modified date
  • Published to a single site

I tried first to retain for 2 days and then delete, when that didn't work, I tried to just delete if it reaches 2 days, no retention at all. I've triple checked that the policy is applied to the site I'm working in.


I created and uploaded files to the Libraries both before and after applying the policy the site, as well as 24 hours after publishing the policy. A week later, nothing has been deleted. Any ideas? 



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In case anyone runs into this same issue - amongst the hundreds of pages of, I finally found a single reference to the requirement that Sites must be re-indexed in order for these retention policies to kick in and delete after the designated time.