Result search query to exclude items without values in a managed property

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Hi all,

I am trying to configure a PnP Search Results WebPart to show all recently modified site pages that contain a value in a managed property, any value that isn't blank.


For context, this is for a wiki SharePoint site where all users can make changes and submit for approval. After they are approved, I would like to show on the home page the most recently updated pages.

What I would like the query to do:

Search for all pages from the path below that contain any value in the RefinableString00 property.




A refinement filter is also set in the WebPart so that results only show site pages:


Results are also sorted to show the most recently updated pages first, using the property:


My issue is that there are pages that don't have a value in the managed property RefinableString00 showing. I would like for these pages to not show.

The question being how would I achieve this? Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Did you manage to find a solution for this?