Restricting access to SharePoint site who are part of Teams group

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Can anyone help please.


We have a SharePoint site whose membership is controlled through our Microsoft Teams, however we have a subset of contractors who shouldn't have access to one of our libraries.

Teams (and they need access to Teams) adds individuals to the 'members' group in SharePoint but because it's a group in members rather than an individual list, we can't exclude those who need excluding.


Any ideas as to how we can exclude them from the one library without having to list out 300+ people individually?  Thanks in advance.

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One approach is to use a private channel. The underlying document library is then placed in a separate SharePoint site. You will need to include staff that are allowed access. Granting staff access to the private channel can be done one by one through the interface or using PowerShell scripts.
Paul | SLIM Applications

Thanks Paul. Unfortunately that brings us back to having a permissions group of 300+ people individually. I think what we're looking for is the ability to have permission groups within teams that would automatically convert to a permissions group in SharePoint. Thanks for responding though.