Restricting Access on a Document in MS Teams/SharePoint Group

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Is there a way to restrict internal employees from changing the document they are accessing online from "viewing" to "editing"? The original document is within a Teams/SharePoint group that the employees are members of and the sharing settings for the access link provided to employees is set to "open in review mode only."


For context, we want our team members to be able to download this document to their personal computers and use it as a template. However, some people are either changing the review options and editing directly on the document (and then downloading) or opening the document in the desktop app and editing the file as if it was their own. This then updates the original document that everyone should be accessing as the template. 


I've been able to prevent external people who are not a part of this company from editing, but I can't seem to figure out how to prevent people who are internal from having editing access. Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi there! Have you tried breaking the permission inheritance for the Document Library hosting this document and assigning members to the Site Visitors Group? You may need to remove Site Members as they will have Contribute permissions to the Document Library. Leave Site Owners and Site Vistors.