Restrict which users can create sites.


Is there a way to restrict users from creating sites?  Not including admins, we want a small group of users to be able to create sites but not all users.  It looks like it's an all or nothing setting right now.

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Yes, there are two settings you have to take a look at:
(1) Restrict Microsoft 365 Groups creation by means of an Azure AD Policy. This implies you will need Azure AD Premium P1 for the users that can create Groups
(2) There is a setting at the SPO Admin Center that disables the option of creating sites for regular users in the SPO landing page and also in Hub Sites

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Thanks for your response, we will look into those settings.  I also found this and it looks like we can make certain users SharePoint admins.


I do not think our IT team is using the individual admins roles available, just relying on global admin.