Restrict User(s) from viewing an Event List (Calendar)



I have an Event list where I only want certain people to access and view.

I have the three Permission group, (Owners, Members, Visitors).  I need the Visitor group not to be able to access the Event List.

I've removed the names from the group but they can't access the SharePoint site.

Can I specifically stop this group from seeing the Event List but still access the site for other content??

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Hi @Chris_Clark1968 - you want to keep folks in your Visitors group so they can access everything else and remove that groups access to the Events calendar. 


Go into your Events calendar settings > permissions > Stop inheriting permissions > and then remove the Visitors group from just that list. Here's a link if that helps:

Customize permissions for a SharePoint list or library - Microsoft Support

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Hi @Kelly_Edinger 

Thank you for your response.

I was partially there :smile: