Restrict Teams Private Channel - SharePoint Site to read only

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We restrict the SharePoint sites for our Teams to read only. It works well via scripts, but I don't see a chance to restrict a SharePoint Site from a Teams Private Channel to read only?


Is there really no way?

Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone help me out here?


@Thomsch It may be possible w/ PowerShell, but I'm curious to know why one would ever want to do this...

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We don't allow any files on SharePoint Online. And yes it's possible via SharePoint Online.

@Thomsch Good reasons abound, I'm sure. If you do manage to change the permissions, with PowerShell or by other means, be sure to verify that they aren't being reset overnight (or weekly/monthly). There likely are also 'good' reasons that Microsoft made it work this way and they may have included a timer job to enforce it (ex. Custom Script setting).


When a channel is created, does the corresponding Folder still get created in the SharePoint document library, or is there an error?


Also, what happens when users click the Files tab in the channel?


I ask out of curiosity and a hesitancy to try it myself ;)


Many thanks if you reply, no worries if you don't.

@Jim Duncan Actually that's a good point. I need to put in some scheduled checks as well. Up until now there hasn't been any MS changes to the custom script settings, but who knows...

The corresponding Folder still gets created in the SharePoint document library.
Please see the image when the user opens up the Files tab.

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Hope this helps. I know. Not best practice but there is not a lot of room for customization in there, so we need to be creative ;)

Best thing is. We're able to use Planner, OneNote, Wikis as well :thumbs_up: