Restrict SharePoint list column/field to upper case only

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Is it possible to restrict a SharePoint list column/field to only accept upper case text characters as input? I have found one formula for this online but it wants to apply it per character - the amount of characters for my input may vary, so I'm hoping to apply a formula to the whole field rather than per character.


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@Deleted if you use a customised Power Apps form for your list instead of the default SharePoint form then you can certainly do this quite easily. Either have a text input field which will convert what the user types to upper case. Or convert it to upper case when it's saved to the list which is the way I've done it in the attached video.







Hi @RobElliott, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately users will not be inputting items directly in SharePoint to this list - new items are received via a Graph API integration - I've actually disabled the ability for users to use the 'New' item form altogether. The Graph API integration is all set up and working, I'm just hoping to make it error and fail if it tries to send anything in lower case. It's error report will then flag to admin users to explore the incorrectly-configured entry.

@Deleted ah ok, not sure I can help you then. (PS my daughter is also called Rhiannon :smile: )


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@RobElliott Ah ok no worries, thanks anyway. Haha it's a great name :D