Restrict QuickEdit mode to only Site Owners

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Is it possible to only allow people on a specific group, or with specific permission, to use the Quick edit mode on an SPO list?

I have a list with customized forms that only let a general user update specific columns. Many columns are hidden on the form. The site owners on the other hand need to be able to edit all fields.  I could create a custom form just for site admins, but they really like the Quick edit.


We used to be able to replace a button on the ribbon with our own button using feature XML.

Is this still possible in O365? If so, I could remove the out-of-the-box  Quick Edit button and replace

It with my own  secured one. But then, how would I find out what code the existing quick edit is calling?


Any Ideas on this?

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Sorry, but you cannot restrict QuickEdit mode to only site owners. In regards of hiding a custom action in the classic Ribbon, I would recommend you to explore CSOM API possibilities

Thanks Juan,

When you say  explore CSOM API possibilities, do you mean using the feature framework with ribbonXML  as i mentioned in the question?


If so, how do i determine what method the existing quickedit function is calling?


I can remove the old button, and replace it with my new secured button, but I want my new secured button to do exactly the same as the old button. 


How do I know what that was?


Ey Russel,
Yes, I meant that but in regards og how to call existing quickedit function I'm not sure how you can do it in your custom action