Restrict Delete option to specific documents in Sharepoint online document library

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We are doing some integration with SharePoint online and upload documents from DocuSign. We have a requirement to restrict the Delete option specifically for those integration documents not for the other documents already exist in the document library. 

I even thought about Power Automate and Remote Event Receivers but I'm not sure.

Is it even possible to prevent deleting specific documents using Permissions or is there any other way?

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Hi @dotem ,


You can restrict deleting documents by turning off editing of documents.


It depends what you mean by delete, just by the end user? Retention labels once applied will stop a user deleting a file but they can still remove the retention label.


You could move any finalised documents using power automate to a second document library where the users only had read permissions. Or power automate could identify it as a docusign document and remove permissions to the users.


Neither solution ideal and may not work for what you want to do.