Restored SharePoint 2013 content database has missing libraries

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I recently added a new site collection to a SharePoint 2013 environment and attached a restored content database from a different environment (also 2013).


The process involved was:

  • backup SP database on original environment
  • restore database to new environment
  • add restored db as new content database in SP
  • create new site collection to use the new db

It all worked fine, with no issues occurring, but when I view the Site Contents in SP, the only libraries visible are the standard ones (Documents, Site Assets, Site Pages, etc) - none of the libraries that were part of the restored database appear. A count of AllDocs confirms that the documents are in the db - it's just there are no libraries showing.


I can confirm in the Site Collection List in SP Central Admin that the new site collection is pointing to the right db. I've also double checked this from PowerShell using:

$site=Get-SPSite "http://<sp_url>"
write-host $site.ContentDatabase.Name

Did I do something wrong? Or miss something out?


The backup and restore of the original SP database was done by the DBAs and was pretty lengthy due to its size (~3.8TB), so I'm really hoping this doesn't have to get re-done!



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