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During the Ignite I saw at the OneDrive sessions that users can restore their OneDrive in case of an emergency. They can restore their onedrive to a point in the past. 


Will this functionality also be available for document libraries in SharePoint. That the admin can restore a library to a special point. I see a lot of possibilities with the new files on demand, but when you have a ransomware virus you have problem with locally downloaded files.


So when the admin can restore this library you have a good rescue.



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AFAIK, this will come initially only to ODFB...adding here @Stephen Rice @Stephen Rose

+1 should be fairly easy to add since OneDrive is Sharepoint. I’d suggest checking user voice see if there is an item there for it. If not come back and link to your creation :)
Cool I voted :p
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Hey all,


Files Restore will ship to ODB first but it will be coming to SPO at a later date (no specifics yet). Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Hello Stephen,


Thank you for your reply. This was something I was hoping for ;)


Keep up the good work!



Glad to know it will come to document libraries too!

Hi everyone!


I just wanted to close the loop on this old conversation since we received an inquiry about it. Files restore for SharePoint document libraries was released earlier this year. 



Marc Windle

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