Restore default SharePoint groups (Owners, Members, Visitors)

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Hello All,


I just learned how to restore the deleted default SharePoint access groups: Owners, Members, Visitors. For those still looking for a way to do this: just open <siteurl>/_layouts/15/permsetup.aspx, and you will be offered to create them or select existing ones. Click OK and you are done.


The part I am stuck is, how to assign these groups to the items with broken inheritance? I have already pulled a report and identified 39 items (files and folders) with custom permissions, do I just go to each and assign the 3 groups, or is there a better way to do it?


I appreciate your help in this.



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if you need to reset the groups, it's easiest to just inherit permissions or break inheritance on the library, then inherit permissions again and it should reset all the permission in the library.

@Adrian Urgyan a huge thank you! Our site-wide permissions were borked and your note made all the difference in restoring things back to normal!

@Adrian Urgyan  It will help only if we delete the group from Site permissions, I hope it is not possible if we delete the group from people and groups. 

@Adrian Urgyan 

If you choose Stop Sharing for the Visitors group in a folder's Manage Access panel the group is deleted from the folder. To restore it:

  • Return to the folder's Manage Access panel.
  • Click the + button to the right of "Direct Access".
  • In the name control type the Share Point name "(space)  Visitors" (i.e. eRoom Evaluation Visitors). It should appear in a list of selections.
  • Select the access Edit/View.
  • Click Grant Access.



The panel doesn't update automatically. Close it and reopen the Manage Access panel and Visitors is restored.