Research to Understand the use of SharePoint and other Collaboration Tools within Organisations

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Hello All, 


I hope you can help me?


I am currently studying in my final year towards a Master of Science Degree in Technology Management, where I am conducting research to understand the use of collaboration tools for file and knowledge sharing, as well as teamwork across international subsidiaries in medium-sized organisations.


As part of my research, I have created a survey to hopefully retrieve data for analysis from the wider business world, and so, I would be grateful if you would take part in completing my survey.


Thank you for your time.


Regards, Fiona


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Please follow the link to the survey below:

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We only allow Microsoft Forms surveys around here gosh :face_with_rolling_eyes:.

Lol jk. I’ll check it out.

I thought that before I submitted, but hey worth a try :) @Chris Webb