'Required info' feature to highlight empty mandatory fields not working for Content Type site column

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Why is this required field only working for columns created locally in the Library/list and not for Content Types within a library, that are using site columns, published from the CT hub? This 'required info' feature is a really great step in the right direction but it's not working against our CTs. Is it a feature short coming or should we be logging a ticket?




 This Uservoice seems to suggest it should work for different Content Types, albeit not quite as expected.

let-modern-document-libraries-differentiate-between Required Info Columns In Views That Use Differen...

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IMHO, attention views should also work, as you say, with document libraries where Content Types created in the Content Type Hub has been added...but I think someone from the team such as @Chris McNulty or @Dan Holme can better confirm this