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I created a SharePoint List and one of the columns include "Approved By" and this is a column where you can add a users name from the system.


From this, I want to "request a sign-off" but I would like for the approvers name to be automatically populated from the "Approved By" column.


Is that possible? 

Any assistance is appreciated. 


Thank you. 

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@drishm13 not within SharePoint itself, you would need a flow in Power Automate (triggered by a JSON-formatted button in a column in your list) with a start and wait for approval action which sends an adaptive card by email and Teams to the approver. Once the approver has clicked the relevant decision button and added their comments the flow then updates the list with the approver's name, date of decision and comments. We use this for example for when staff request software to be purchased and installed.


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