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I'd love to see the ability to repost a news post after it has been updated.  You can update a page that has been shared as news, but you can't "republish" it so that it shows as a recent item in the News web part.  

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Actually, the "possibility" is there, although it needs customization. You can use the Highlighted content to display news and set the sorting order to Sort by "LastModifiedTime" descending.

News shows up based on First Published Date, a field that you can't edit in the UI. But, one simple thing you can do is go to the news article you want to re-publish and select +New > Copy of this page. Make a few updates (or not) to make it something truly new and then publish as a new article.
Oh, I didn't even consider using the Highlighted Content web part for this! It would be beneficial if a setting in the News web part controlled how it sorts content. I prefer to use the News web part for the layout options and so that users can email news digests.
This is essentially what I'm doing right now, but I'm concerned about the risk of content sprawl if users don't go back and delete old pages. There's a risk that Microsoft search will surface both pages, and users will be confused or reference old information.
If the information on the articles is the same, there is no risk of bad info, just duplicates. If the information is different, then you can also delete the old article after you re-post the new one. You will always have the risk of content sprawl - whether you copy articles or create new ones. It's why governance is so important to successful intranets!
Do you have any recommendations for basic site/page governance? I'd love to set up a process for site owners and page creators to be prompted to review and manage their content on some frequency, preferably based on the content's last modified date.

@Pete Simpkins this can be done easily with a flow in Power Automate if you have a column in your Sitepages library for the email address of the owner of the page. I'll post up the flow steps asap.


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I was leaning towards PowerAutomate for this too, but I don't want to create separate flows for each site. Is there a way to apply the flow to the whole tenant?

@Pete Simpkins no there isn't.


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Take a look at the PnP Modern Search solution! It includes customizable web parts which allows you to create really great layouts as well as managing how results are displayed!
Thanks for sharing! I'll take a look
Actually if I copy a news post page that has ever been published once, the "first published" date is copied over to the new copy of the page so it sorts in the same order so this won't work. You can do as others have suggested and edit each news webpart manually but life is too short to do this if you have news surfaced in lots of places. Its hard to imagine such basic functionality is virtually impossible without a bunch of work-arounds.