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Gerry Morley
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Hi all


1. Is it possible to be able to run a report that tells you what files, folders and sites are shared with users outside your organisation (Across office 365 onedrive user folders and also sharepoint), or anyone knwo a third party tool to do this?





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Yep! Through search you can get this information!!

Can you elaborate? Is there specific search criteria, property filter, etc. you use or is this done through the DLP interface?


Are there any other requirements like having the user doing a search being a secondary site collection admin on all OneDrive for Business site collections?

Thanks for the update guys. So looks like again a manual time consuming process - with no real quick way to schedule a report of what is shared with whom by whom across the team sites. Seems third party tools like sharegate can help with this but this stuff should be in by default in an easy to report on way especially with Microsoft being big on security and compliance with the GDPR. Would be nice if they made some of this stuff easy for customers to report on the important GDPR related activities. Seems to me they make the data available and you need a degree in Sharepoint and scripting/powershell to get the information or else a boat load of money on consultants or third party tools just to generate something useful and time efficient.

You can configure Audit logs Alerts only once to start receiving email alerts.

Also, if you have Office 365 E5 you can use "Office 365 Cloud App Security"


Hi @Gerry Morley,


This is definitely a common ask we here from our IT admins and we do have improvements planned here as well. Stay tuned :)


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