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Hi Community, 

Can someone please suggest as to how we can have usage statistics like unique views, total views of each of the reports we host on our different document libararies.

A bonus would be to be able to track the person, his area, region and other identifiers within the organization. We do have M365 if that helps.

I came across a video on Youtube that suggested Reports reader access in M365 admin center, i am exploring that access with our IT internally, kindly advise the best way to be able to track such metrics. Thanks

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Take a look at the site usage reports you have per site basics...if those reports are not enough, then you have:
(1) To think on a custom solution that for instance uses Google Analytics or Application Insights
(2) To use a third party product

Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín for the reply.

The standard site usage functionality doesn't help as we are looking to understand total views, unique views for each of our files, folders, site pages and links. 

However, OOTB site usage only helps with 10 files or pages in max.

We have Adobe Analytics approved within the firm for usage. I saw somebody mention that Azure application insights or Microsoft Graph can also be used which i am not aware about.

I only have knowledge on Power BI- so was thinking if we should hire a consultant or is that something i can learn and pick up since there is no time pressure. I don't have developer experience though. 

Can you please suggest which all technologies would need to be used to achieve what we want and if there is a link explaining the steps or video or any similar conversation- it would be great.

Please help! Thanks

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Basically you need a way to get the usage data...Azure Application Insights is an option, but you can also use Google Analytics: As you can read in this article, you will need a SharePoint Developer to write a SPFx extension where you can add the logic required by Google Analytics / Application Insights to get usage data and them use builtin Google Analytics / Azure Application Insight Charts